Industrija i tehnika

Industrija i tehnika


Industrija i tehnika

Increasing automation brings fast, precise workflows, and the requirements placed on activities that involve demanding craftsmanship are becoming more exacting. A space needs to cater for a variety of usage scenarios and requirements in order to take both these aspects into account. Different ceiling heights, temperatures and degrees of automation demand functional flexibility. Not only that, industrial architecture and the image that industry seeks to project are witnessing radical change.
Sustainable production technologies are becoming increasingly important in almost all industries worldwide. Companies are putting in place measures to increase resource and energy efficiency and also to optimise production processes, procedures and energy sources. Industrial applications have huge potential in environmental and economic terms and when it comes to human factors.

Industrija i tehnika

Whereas in some industrial enterprises extreme temperatures, humidity and vibration represent major challenges, in other companies extreme precision or conscientious attention to hygiene is the order of the day. The measures to ensure maximum reliability are as different as the industrial facilities themselves. The lighting should work at all times regardless of environmental influences, including during power cuts.
Economic conditions demand production increases, more efficientworkflows, improved organisational structures, technological progress and as few faults as possible. Productivity is a long-established concept but is only now giving rise to a complete rethink in many industries. Nowadays, more capital and labour are being invested in optimising productivity from the ground up.

Industrija i tehnika

Calculating the potential

The lighting in many industrial facilities is not state-of-the-art. However, employees are still expected to give their best, which under the given circumstances can be either impossible or else very difficult. With innovative luminaires and a professional lighting control system, however, lighting can become a factor that adds value. The best light for industry is:
  • Light that consumes fewer resources but provides higher output
  • Light that responds to changes
  • Light that improves an inividual’s performance and enhances their wellbeing
  • Light that works safely and reliably for many years
With the Zumtobel lighting analysis tool, you can see in a few minutes the potential that a new lighting system would open up for you. The analysis results are concrete numbers that answer pertinent questions about energy consumption or CO2 emissions, such as "How much can I save?", "Where do the savings come from?", or "What potential does a lighting control system have?" The second area of the analysis refers to the flexibility of the lighting. "Where would it be advantageous to respond flexibly to varying requirements, visual activities or occupancy times?" The third level is that of productivity. Increases can be achieved, particularly in areas where repetitive manual work is performed. Factors such as the wellbeing and sleep quality of employees are just as relevant as the speed at which tasks are performed. These are influenced by the proper selection of light colour and by dynamisation of the lighting. The fourth point to consider is the potential for reliability compared to the existing system. You will be shown the percentage by which reliability can be increased by lighting that takes account of specific environmental conditions and carries on operating even in emergencies.
Step one: record the core data for the project and area of application.
Step two: enter the data on the existing lighting system and technologies employed.
Step three: define the zones, their dimensions, visual tasks and ambient conditions.
Result: you will immediately be given a clear overview of the potential of a new lighting system. The PDF version contains all the interesting details as well.
The Zumtobel lighting analysis tool will evaluate your current lighting situation and calculate the potential for refurbishing the lighting in the four core areas: CO2 and cost efficiencies, flexibility, productivity and reliability.

You can perform the calculation on-line at the Zumtobel website at any time. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill it in, and the results are displayed directly on-line and also output as a comprehensive PDF document. 
Lighting analysis tool

Industrija i tehnika


"At EnBW EnergyWatchers we have made it our mission to help small and medium-sized enterprises save energy costs. We are efficiency professionals and are able to tap into potential savings in companies and help them make savings while also benefiting from public funding. We need capable, dependable partners by our side in order to be able to improve customers’ competitiveness in this way. Zumtobel’s unique lighting expertise enables us to implement our ideas when it comes to efficient lighting. This allows our customers to cut their long-term energy costs while also protecting the environment."

Melanie Bunke
Executive Board, EnBW EnergyWatchers GmbH | DE
Recommended products:
VALUEA | high bay reflector luminaire
PST presence detector | lighting management system
  • Saving energy is not simply a matter of cutting electricity costs, it also means optimising a company’s CO2 budget
  • Industrial plants can make a significant contribution towards helping the country in which they are located achieve a successful CO2 balance
  • CO2 certificates spell out the fact that an entrepreneur is conscious of his or her responsibilities
Calculation example: Investing in a lighting solution using GRAFT high bay LED luminaires rather than metal halide lamps (HIE) pays for itself within two to three years. Power consumption per square metre per year is cut by 55% using modern LED technology. An additional presence-based and daylight-based control system for the bay with a sawtooth roof reduces energy consumption to a striking 78%.
Scania Parts Logistics, Opglabbeek | BE
Comparing various lighting concepts, calculating total costs and payback times: ecoCALC design software makes it possible to check out the sustainability of lighting solutions and refurbishment projects quickly.

Technogym SpA, Cesena | IT Cesena



Recommended products:
lighting management system
LUXMATE external daylight sensor | sensor
  • Sightlines into manufacturing workshops and workflows differentiate and position a company
  • Extensive glazed surfaces provide a reference to outward reality but also require architecture-related lighting
  • Contemporary lighting solutions enhance the image of both the architect and the company as a brand
Bosch Rexroth, Pasching | AT
Recommended products:
TECTON LED | continuous-row luminaire
LUXMATE LITENET | lighting mangement
  • Refurbishing an out-of-date lighting solution has a positive impact on energy consumption, working atmosphere and operating costs
  • Modern lighting solutions reduce expenditure on maintenance and improve lighting quality
  • LED lighting and lighting control systems are an investment in the future
Cutting CO2 emissions
Reducing energy consumption
ecoCALC design software
Use of daylight
Replacing lighting systems

Industrija i tehnika

Example for refurbishment

38 % lower annual energy consumption

22.27 kWh/m2 Existing lighting installation
13.87 kWh/m2 New lighting solution using TECTON 2/49 W
                            with LUXMATE LITENET lighting control system
                            and ONLITE emergency lighting system 

The flexible TECTON trunking system ensures bright ambient lighting and comfortable working conditions. A lighting control system adjusts the artificial lighting depending on the amount of daylight that enters through the skylights. This enables Bosch Rexroth to save up to 22,240 kWh of electricity per year. Its investment will be amortised in less than 4 years.

Bosch Rexroth, Pasching | AT
After refurbishment

Industrija i tehnika


"The lighting played a major role in the design of our new company headquarters. Zumtobel has managed to perfectly meet our requirements in terms of superior lighting in a variety of rooms. Zumtobel has turned out to be an indispensable partner, supplying a professional and energy-efficient lighting solution for the single-person offices, the conference room and manufacturing through to components assembly."

Erich Gummerer
CEO TechnoAlpin AG, Bolzano | IT
Recommended products:
CHIARO LED | moisture-proof luminaire
LUXMATE | presence detector
  • Visual requirements specific to individual operations are ideally met by variable light focussed on the task area.
  • Rising efficiency and increased automation are making new demands on lighting
  • Good light caters for people’s individual requirements, visual tasks and eyesight
Rema Holzindustrie, Eben im Pongau | AT
Mondelēz Belgium Biscuits Production NV, Herentals | BE

Recommended products:
DIMLITE | lighting management
management system


  • The flexibility requirements on lighting increase with shorter product cycles and increasing product diversity
  • The big benefit of lighting management systems: there is no need to change the lighting installation, the adjustment is done by computer
  • Well-trained Zumtobel service personnel take care of design, commissioning and also maintenance if required
Hörmann Austria Ges.mbH., Dobl | AT
Recommended products:
TECTON LED | continuous-row luminaire
GRAFT | high bay LED luminaire
  • The trend is for higher bays with high visual requirements
  • Linear solutions with fluorescent lamps and innovative high bay LED luminaires provide impressive uniform illumination with dimmability and controllability.
  • LED solutions boast a long service life, full output in cold environments, and the capability for integration into emergency lighting systems
Schletter Leichtmetallbau GmbH, Kirchdorf | DE
Recommended products: 
LIGHT FIELDS LED | recessed luminaire
  • Different applications that make different demands on lighting are mixed up in industrial buildings
  • Taking into account circulation routes, workflows and areas of activity throughout an entire building makes orientation easier
  • A lighting solution and lighting control system that take a cross-building approach use light in a targeted manner, thus reducing expenditure on energy
Preserving individuality
Changing structures
Coping with long distances
Holistic planning

Industrija i tehnika


"Production work often involves shift work. Nowadays it is taken for granted that shift work has a negative impact on the risk of accidents and sleep quality. Room lighting can have a positive effect, especially in times when work-related stress is increasing due to an arrhythmic lifestyle. A "productive" lighting solution meets both visual and biological needs. Such lighting solutions often include a lighting control system that varies the intensity of light and light colour based on specific working hours and shift models." 

Markus Canazei
Bartenbach LichtLabor GmbH, Aldrans | AT
Flextronics, Althofen | AT



What influence does dynamic lighting have on the well-being of employees who work shifts? To answer this question, Zumtobel relies on scientific research, either directly in the field or in the laboratory. The study results show that dynamic light has a demonstrably positive effect on productivity by reducing physiological strain and improving performance. As a less costly alternative, high-frequency dynamic lighting can increase activity and reduce the stress factor.
Recommended products:
TECTON LED | continuous-row luminaire
LUXMATE EMOTION | lighting management
  • Lighting design concentrates on accomplishing visual tasks without making mistakes
  • Smaller details are more visible with high illuminance levels, and the number of accidents decreases
  • Pleasant distribution of luminance levels in a space, and a balanced mix of directional and diffuse light enhance visual comfort

Ferrari S.p.A., Maranello | IT

Recommended products:
TECTON LED 6.500 K | continuous-row luminaire
LUXMATE LITENET | lighting management system
  • Light affects an individual’s natural circadian rhythms and prevents fatigue
  • Light with short-wave blue spectral components stimulates, while warm white light has a relaxing effect
  • Light whose colour temperature changes dynamically has a positive influence on people’s health
Ferag AG, Hinwil | CH
Recommended products:
GRAFT 6.500 K | high bay LED luminaire 
SCUBA 6.500 K | moisture-proof diffuser luminaire


  • Natural daylight has very special qualities and everyone perceives it as being pleasant.
  • Cool white lighting in an interior enhances the natural effect of light and avoids mixed-lighting situations.
  • Cool white LED luminaires combine visual comfort with almost unparalleled efficiency.

Alpla Werke, Hard | AT

Recommended products:
TECTON LED | continuous-row luminaire 
LUXMATE LITENET timeline editor |
lighting management system



  • Light for people that promotes both wellbeing and motivation can only really be achieved by using a lighting control system
  • Timelines are used to implement a wide variety of individual project requirements
  • Graphic editors are simple to use and are an important tool in utilising the advantages of dynamic lighting in in everyday situations

Mondelēz Belgium Biscuits Production NV, Herentals | BE

Researching the effects of light
Optimising visual performance
Supporting biological rhythms
Daylight as a model
Intelligent control

Industrija i tehnika


"In industry, the requirements in terms of lighting for workstations have increased over the past years. Optimal lighting today is characterised by customised innovative lighting technology integrating the amount of daylight available. The proper arrangement of luminaires, as well as the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of luminaires and lamps play an essential role in this respect. The choice of luminaires depends on ambient conditions – difficult at times –, such as room height, ambient temperature and dirt load. In order to provide for easy cleaning of the luminaires and smooth replacement of lamps, we attach great importance to good accessibility and easy handling."

Heribert Czarnetzki
Master Electrician Otto Fuchs KG, Meinerzhagen | DE
Recommended products:
TUBILUX LED | tubular LED luminaire
KXB 2 LED | explosion-proof luminaire 



  • Bright environments with bright vertical surfaces make it possible to take in an entire room at a glance, thus creating a feeling of greater safety
  • Environmental influences dictate the protection rating of a luminaire
  • Explosion-proof luminaires ensure safety in industrial locations where harmful dust or gases are liable to occur

APAG Parkhaus Aachen | DE

Recommended products:
SCUBA LED | poisture-proof diffuser luminaire 
CLEAN LED | clean-room luminaire
  • Cleanliness and hygiene are promoted by bright, low-maintenance,easy-to-clean lighting systems
  • Cleanliness during manufacture is becoming more important as increasing demands are placed on product quality
  • Difficult visual tasks such as precision inspections or wiring are made easier by good lighting and a clean environment

Pasticceria La Baita srl, Caselle Torinese | IT

Recommended products:
METRUM | continuous-row system 
ONLITE RESCLITE | emergency luminaire
  • Maintenance is a crucial factor in high bays and in situations where luminaires are hard to access
  • State-of-the-art LED solutions have the advantage of long service lives
  • In contrast, LED retrofit lamps often involve excessive compromises when it comes to lighting quality, technical safety and energy efficiency

Freitag Taschen, Zürich | CH

Recommended products:
ONLITE RESCLITE for greater heights |
LED emergency luminaires 
CROSSIGN 160/110 | scape sign luminaires 
ONLITE CENTRAL eBox | emergency lighting
supply system







  • LED emergency luminaires with extra protection tailor-made for industry and especially for high ceilings
  • Wide selection of escape sign luminaires with low-cost all-round models for industry
  • Flexible and modular emergency lighting

Rema Holzindustrie, Eben im Pongau | AT

Increasing toughness
Maintaining cleanliness
Simplifying maintenance
Increasing safety in emergencies

Industrija i tehnika

Specimen solution for a production bay

Electronic components are produced, packed and stored in an area of 1,200 square metres in this specimen bay. The height of the space is six metres, and daylight enters along a window frontage on one side and through skylights. The bay was lit by HID reflector luminaires prior to refurbishment. The comparison with a lighting solution using VALUEA T16 high bay reflector luminaires and another LED lighting solution with CRAFT and LUXMATE LITENET clearly shows the potential of an innovate lighting solution.

Industrija i tehnika

Lighting analysis

CO2-emissions over service life (20 years)                                                             Development of total costs over service life

Industrija i tehnika

Lighting analysis

Flexibility                         Productivity                       Reliability 





1. CO2 and cost efficiencies   The existing lighting solution consumes 93.5 kWh of power per square metre and year; the CRAFT LED lighting solution, however, which is controlled by LUXMATE LITENET, consumes only 26.88 kWh. This corresponds to a reduction by 71 percent, with the lighting control system accounting for some 48 percent. The alternative solution using T16 high bay luminaires reduces energy consumption by 13 percent.

2. Flexibility   The illuminance level is 750 lux throughout the bay, designed to meet the very demanding visual tasks in the production area. The ability to reduce the lighting level to 300 lux at the packing station and to 150 lux in the finished goods warehouse reduces unnecessary energy consumption and provides flexibility.

3. Productivity   The lower the illuminance level of ambient lighting, the higher its factor for additional motivation. By increasing the lighting level by 12 percent in the warehouse, by 10 percent at the packing station and by 5 percent in the production area, productivity is increased by an average 8 percent.

4. Reliability   The fact that the luminous flux of a CRAFT luminaire does not decrease even in case of high temperatures below the bay’s ceiling makes the lighting all the more reliable. Another important aspect is the high bay LED luminaire‘s low failure rate, which results in less frequent downtimes and lower maintenance costs.

Industrija i tehnika

Saznajte više o Industrija i tehnika


Gebrüder Weiss
Pöchlarn, Austrija
Investitor: Gebrüder Weiss, Lauterach (AT)
Gebrüder Weiss, jedan od najznačajnijih pružatelja transportnih i logističkih usluga u Europi sa sjedištem u Lauterachu, Vorarlberg, nastavlja svoje dugogodišnje partnerstvo s tvrtkom Zumtobel: Na lokaciji tvrtke u Pöchlarnu zamijenjene su konvencionalne fluorescentne svjetiljke u pretovarnoj hali veličine oko 2.250 četvornih metara s modularnim rješenjem svjetlosnih traka TECTON LED tvrtke Zumtobel.

LED zbog svoje visoke energetske učinkovitosti igra ključnu ulogu za ekološki prihvatljivu novogradnju i rekonstrukciju logističkih središta tvrtke Gebrüder Weiss. U projektu sanacije u Pöchlarnu su uz ekološke u prilog upotrebi TECTON LED-a išle i funkcionalne te gospodarske okolnosti: „Tražili smo industrijski prikladno rješenje koje možemo koristiti kao temeljni sustav te fleksibilno prilagoditi različitim zahtjevima normi za osvjetljenje različitih površina hale“, skicira glavne zahtjeve Markus Nigsch, voditelj upravljanja nekretninama i zgradama tvrtke Gebrüder Weiss. Dojavnici pokreta trebali su se primjerice bez problema moći ugraditi. Argument u korist sustava Zumtobel bio je ponajprije i nizak trošak održavanja: svjetlosna traka i nosiva tračnica dizajnirani se prema principu plug-and-play. Ni za sastavljanje elemenata nosivih tračnica niti kod zamjene svjetiljki nije potreban alat. Značajno produljenom ciklusu održavanja tog rješenja doprinosi i dug vijek trajanja LED-ova od prosječno deset godina.

Neposredan utjecaj TECTON LED-a na CO2 bilancu pretovarne hale Pöchlarn pojašnjava Markus Nigsch izravnom usporedbom s odbačenim fluorescentnim rješenjem: „Godišnja potrošnja struje pala je s 1,2 milijuna na ispod 465.000 kilovatsati. To predstavlja smanjenje CO2 emisija uvjetovanih rasvjetom za gotovo 139 tona godišnje – samo 38,6 posto od ranije vrijednosti.“

Slične pozitivne rezultate ostvarila su LED rješenja tvrtke Zumtobel i kod većih projekata novogradnje tvrtke Gebrüder Weiss - između ostalog u logističkom centru Wels, na češkoj lokaciji Jeneč kao i u novoj logističkoj hali i uredu u sjedištu Lauterach.

Zumtobel. The Light.

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Rješenje rasvjete
Halle 100 VW Motorenwerk
Chemnitz, Njemačka
Investitor: Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg (DE)
Arhitekt: IC-L Ingenieur Consulting Langenhagen GmbH & Co. KG Langenhagen (DE)
Planiranje rasvjete: Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg (DE)
Elektroprojektiranje: Volkswagen Elektroplanung, Wolfsburg (DE)
Električna instalacija: Voith Industrial Services GmbH, Chemnitz (DE)
„Od proizvoda do tvornice“ glasi načelo planiranja u tvrtci Volkswagen. Prema tomu, što je u pogledu inovativne i ekološke tehnike motora posljednjih godina razvijeno i provedeno u VW-u, danas i u budućnosti treba također vrijediti i za arhitekturu proizvodnih lokacija. Do 2018. želja je postati najekološkiji proizvođač automobila na svijetu. S novogradnjom Halle 100 tvornice Motorenwerk Chemnitz došlo se korak bliže tom cilju.

U studenom 2013. projekt je nagrađen zlatnim certifikatom Njemačkog društva za održivu gradnju (DGNB). Proširenje hale odgovara tako visokim zahtjevima DGNB kataloga kriterija, kojemu je u osnovi cjelovito sagledavanje ekonomije, ekologije i udobnosti korisnika. Prema geslu „Održivost gore, onečišćenje okoliša dolje“ radi se u Chemnitzu u različitim radionicama intenzivno na smanjenju potrošnje energije. Pritom je u središtu pozornosti cjelovito sagledavanje proizvodnih procesa. Tako se u prvom redu analiziraju proizvodna postrojenja prema energetskoj učinkovitosti te iskorištavaju potencijali za optimiziranje. Doprinos tomu daje i rasvjeta s LED tehnikom orijentiranom na budućnost.

U mehaničkoj izradi hightech centri za obradu i gotovo potpuno automatske, kompleksne konfiguracije određuju proizvodni proces. Ovdje je trebalo stvoriti ravnomjerno temeljno osvjetljenje srednje vrijednosti od 300 luksa. Poželjna je k tomu bila i mogućnost prigušenja svjetiljki kao i integracija nužne rasvjete u svjetlosnu traku. Sve te zahtjeve tvrtka Zumtobel zadovoljila je na najbolji mogući način sustavom svjetlećih traka TECTON LED i integriranim svjetiljkama za nuždu. Učinkovito upravljanje svjetlosnih traka obavlja se putem DIMLITE modula.

Zumtobel. The Light.

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Rješenje rasvjete
Risse + Wilke Kaltband GmbH & Co.
Iserlohn, Njemačka
Investitor: Risse + Wilke Kaltband GmbH & Co., Iserlohn (DE)
Elektroprojektiranje: Mark-E, Hagen (DE)
Obnavljanje rasvjete stvara do 45 posto uštede energije
U proizvodnoj hali proizvođača hladnovaljanih traka Risse+Wilke dosad se radilo pod halogenim žaruljama s metalnom parom. To do danas uobičajeno rješenje, kako bi se u velikim i visokim industrijskim halama osigurala potrebna količina svjetla, kvantitativno i kvalitativno ne može se nositi s modernim rješenjima rasvjete. Ona pomažu u optimiziranju uvjeta na radnom mjestu, povećanju motivacije i smanjenju umora, a time i nesreća na radu. Tako se proizvođač hladnovaljanih traka odlučio za moderniziranje rasvjetne opreme u proizvodnji s novim reflektorskim svjetiljkama za dvorane.

Nove 545 reflektorske svjetiljke za dvorane VALUEA opremljene su s najmodernijim fluorescentnim žaruljama i snažnim reflektorima. Visoka kvaliteta svjetla potvrđuje se u vrlo dobrom indeksu reprodukcije boje > 80 i ravnomjernijim osvjetljivanjem. Svjetlosni tok je približno konstantan, a i okolne temperature od 35 °C ne predstavljaju problem. Središnji aspekt visoke energetske učinkovitosti je uporaba modernijih, upravljivih predspojenih naprava. Već i jednostavno prigušivanje smanjuje potrošnju energije u usporedbi s neprigušivim rješenjem rasvjete za 30 posto, potencijal za uštedu dodatno povećava upravljanje rasvjetom ovisno o dnevnom svjetlu.  Dodatna prednost je „bestreptajno“ svjetlo na rotirajućim strojevima. Za razliku od konvencionalnih reflektora za dvorane s tehnikama 50 Hz, fluorescentne žarulje rade s 22 KHz i sprječavaju time stroboskopski efekt.

Nakon obnavljanja rasvjete s VALUEA-om i sustavom za upravljanje rasvjetom DIMLITE, Risse+Wilke troši sada do 45 posto manje energije. Jednostavan plug-and-play sustav olakšava puštanje u rad: Kod DIMLITE sustava, željene komponente jednostavno se objese na osnovni modul i pokreću putem Autosetup-a. Željeno skupno upravljanje također je implementirano bez problema, tako da se pojedinačne skupine svjetiljki mogu prigušivati pojedinačno i ovisno o dnevnom svjetlu. Dodatna prednost: Pomoću upravljanja svjetlom sada je moguće fleksibilno reagirati na promjene u skladišnom ili proizvodnom području.

Zumtobel. The Light.

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Lighting solution:
Alexander Bürkle GmbH & Co.KG
Freiburg, Njemačka
Investitor: Alexander Bürkle GmbH & Co.KG, Freiburg (DE)
Arhitekt: Freyler Industriebau GmbH, Kenzingen (DE)
Elektroprojektiranje: Planungsgruppe Burgert, Schallstadt (DE)
Električna instalacija: El. Geppert, Breisach (DE)

Dvije primjene, jedno rješenje


Područje poduzeća Alexander Bürkle GmbH povećalo se za skladišnu halu površine 2.600 m2 te uredsku zgradu koja se na nju nastavlja. Kao sudionik u programu poticanja ECOFIT grada Freiburga, frajburška veletrgovina električnom opremom iskoristila je sve mogućnosti da s najmodernijim sustavima omogući ekološki i ekonomični rad. Inovativni Zumtobel koncept rasvjete dao je dragocjeni doprinos tome: potrošnja energije se smanjuje, a kvaliteta svjetla ostaje i dalje ista.


Arhitektura nove trokatne upravne zgrade bila je predodređena za iskoristiti prednosti LED svjetlosnih izvora. Uredske površine u potpunosti su realizirane bez fiksnih nosača te time jamče fleksibilno iskorištavanje prostora. Na temelju posebnog rješenja LED downlight svjetiljke CRAYON poduzeće Zumtobel razvilo je također moderan koncept rasvjete ureda: 122 LED downlight CRAYON, kvadratnog oblika i snage 48 W, ugrađene su u posebnoj veličini od 625 mm u ravninu sa stropom. Neutralna boja svjetla od 4.000 kelvina ne omogućuje samo ugodnu, homogenu osnovnu rasvjetu, već svojim svjetlom stabilne boje nudi dugi vijek trajanja, ne treba se održavati i posjeduje mogućnost regulacije intenziteta svjetla.


Skladišnu halu, u odnosu na funkcionalnu arhitekturu koja štedi resurse, obilježavaju mnogi svjetlarnici koji maksimalno propuštaju dnevno svjetlo. Umjetno svjetlo koristi se svjesno u trenucima kada prirodno svjetlo nije dovoljno, a da bi se postiglo traženo osvjetljenje. Za osnovnu rasvjetu skladišne hale odgovorne su osobe iskoristile dokazani sustav svjetlećih traka TECTON. Modularno strukturirana svjetleća traka u industrijskom području omogućuje optimalno svjetlo i jamči osvjetljenje u skladu s normom od 300 luksa. Fleksibilno se može proširiti i dopuniti reflektorima i sigurnosnim svjetiljkama.


LED downlight CRAYON instalirana je u mokrim prostorijama s klasom zaštite IP 44. Downlight svjetiljka od 12 W postiže razinu halogene svjetiljke od 50 W ili kompaktne fluorescentne svjetiljke od 18 W. Zbog toga se konvencionalne downlight svjetiljke bez velikog troška mogu zamijeniti učinkovitijim i dugovječnijim LED svjetiljkama.

Zumtobel. The Light.

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Rješenje rasvjete:
ASEAG Verkehrsbetriebe
Aachen, Njemačka
Investitor: ASEAG Verkehrsbetriebe Aachen (DE)
Električna instalacija: Frings Elektrotechnik, Alsdorf (DE)

Distributer energije koji štedi


Kada dođete u dvoranu za održavanje poduzeća Aachener Verkehrsbetriebe, nećete biti fascinirani samo autobusima – pogled ćete automatski skrenuti na ugodnu, vrlo svijetlu rasvjetu. Ta je rasvjeta, uostalom, i vrlo učinkovita, što može zahvaliti tehnici koja se skriva u novom sustavu rasvjete.


U dvjema velikim halama održava se i čisti 280 autobusa Aachener Straßenbahn- und Energieversorger AG i oko 150 autobusa drugih poduzeća. Zbog toga rasvjeta, koja radi 24 sata na dan, ima velik udio u pogonskim troškovima. Stari sustav imao je ukupnu priključnu vrijednost od 26.000 vata, a radio je 18 sati na dan. Pritom su velika nadsvjetla bila najbolje rješenje kako iskoristiti prirodno svjetlo.


Zahvaljujući novim, učinkovitim SCUBA svjetiljkama za vlažne prostorije s mogućnošću regulacije i T5 rasvjetnim tijelima, sada je dovoljno samo 18.000 vata da bi se radna mjesta manje hale u skladu s normom osvijetlila s 550 - 600 luksa. Svaka pojedinačna SCUBA svjetiljka spojena je na sustav upravljanja LUXMATE Professional s glavnim senzorom za mjerenje dnevnog svjetla i automatski se regulira ili isključuje. Čak i kod jake naoblake rijetko se prekoračuje priključna vrijednost od 12.000 vata, dok se za sunčana razdoblja potrebna priključna snaga smanjuje na čak 5.000 vata! To predstavlja smanjenje potrošnje za više od 60 %. A tu još nije uračunat ni dodatni potencijal uštede zahvaljujući detektorima prisutnosti koji lagano reguliraju 3 - 4 svjetiljke, a kada više nema osoba u prostoriji, isključuju ih. Velika hala omogućila je još i značajnije uštede. Ukupna priključna snaga smanjena je s 58.000 na prosječnih 30.300 vata. Kada je lijepo vrijeme, na računskoj stanici djelomično se mogu pročitati priključne vrijednosti od 14.500 vata, čime je vrijeme amortizacije sustava smanjeno na samo 2 godine.


Sigurnosna tehnika također je obnovljena najnovijim dostignućima. U nosive tračnice integrirane su RESCLITE sigurnosne svjetiljke sa snažnim LED diodama. Zahvaljujući maksimalnoj učinkovitosti i idealnoj raspodjeli svjetlosti, za sigurnosnu rasvjetu u skladu s normama dostatan je mali broj svjetiljki, čak i u velikim montažnim halama. Za snažni LED paket dovoljna je minimalna količina energije. Priključna snaga iznosi samo 5 vata, a u stanju pripravnosti samo 1,5 vata.

Zumtobel. The Light.

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Rješenje rasvjete:
Parker Hannifin & Co.KG
Bielefeld, Njemačka
Investitor: Parker Hannifin GmbH & Co.KG, Bielefeld (DE)
Arhitekt: Robert Wiehofsky, Podufal + Wiehofsky, Löhne (DE)
Elektroprojektiranje: Fred Hölters, Elplan Ingenieurgesellschaft, Minden (DE)
Električna instalacija: Schlau Elektrotechnik GmbH, Lemgo (DE)

Odlična kvaliteta svjetla s visine od 18 metara


Novi logistički centar poduzeća „Parker Hannifin GmbH“ u Bielefeldu svojim 18-metarskim, visokoregalnim skladištem za do 15.000 paleta pokazuje dojmljive dimenzije. Ovdje svjetlo treba prodrijeti do najdonjih polica regala, a čak i tamo omogućiti osvjetljenje od 200 luksa. Samo se na taj način može jamčiti da će se svi proizvodi putem barkodova moći brzo i točno utvrditi. TECTON sustav svjetlećih traka odmah je privukao pozornost zahvaljujući svojoj vrlo dobroj kvaliteti svjetla i visokoj energetskoj učinkovitosti. Pomoću reflektora uskog snopa svjetla i snage 1x80 vata lako se postiže zahtijevano osvjetljenje. Modularna struktura sustava TECTON i jednostavna montaža istovremeno nude visoku mogućnost prilagođavanja za moguća prostorna proširenja ili pregradnje industrijskih hala. Da bi čak i u slučaju nezgode bilo dovoljno svjetla, u sustav svjetlećih traka integrirana je sigurnosna rasvjeta. Tri svjetiljke u svakom hodniku pomoću 11-polnog sustava strujne tračnice izvedene su u verziji s dodatkom sigurnosnih modula.


TECTON s reflektorima uskog snopa upotrijebljen je i u osam metara visokoj proizvodnoj i otpremnoj hali. S obzirom da se u hali radi u trima smjenama, rasvjeta se stalno koristi od ponedjeljka do petka. Međutim, da bi se po potrebi ipak mogla sniziti razina svjetla, odnosno uštedjeti energija, svjetleće trake mogu se uključiti kao jedna trećina ili dvije trećine.


Administrativna i reprezentativna područja čine svjetlosno-tehnički kontrast prethodnom: SCONFINE Linea viseće svjetiljke, PANOS Q downlight svjetiljke i SLOTLIGHT svjetleće linije raspoređene u pravokutnike dočekuju posjetitelje u veličanstvenoj svjetlosnoj cjelini. Unaprijed programirani svjetlosni scenariji, kojima se upravlja pomoću sustava za upravljanje rasvjetom LUXMATE Emotion, pozivaju se pritiskom na gumb. Ugradna svjetiljka MILDES LICHT IV i samostojeća svjetiljka KAREA u uredskim prostorijama komponiraju svjetlosnu scenu poput dnevnog svjetla s ugodnim odnosom direktne i indirektne rasvjete za optimalne radne uvjete bez efekata zasjenjivanja. Blago svjetlo viseće svjetiljke SCONFINE omogućuje mir i opuštanje u kantini. Viseći elementi u obliku luka svojim velikim refleksijskim površinama naglašavaju ugodno djelovanje svjetla.

Zumtobel. The Light.

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Lighting Competence Program

Partnerski program tvrtke Zumtobel za elektroprojektante je usmjeren na povezivanje njihovih i naših kompetencija, iskorištavanje potencijala rasvjete i istovremeno olakšavanje svakodnevno projektiranje.
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Lighting Design Program

Više uspjeha zbog profesionalnih i učinkovitih svjetlotehničkih rješenja: Tvrtka Zumtobel informira, podržava i kvalificira izabrane električare u korištenju rasvjete.
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