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  • 11/2013

    The new “Lighting Handbook”

    The concise reference guide “The Lighting Handbook” has been completely revised and reprinted.
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    In the “Lighting Handbook”, practicians will find everything worth knowing about lighting technology and lighting applications. In addition, the Zumtobel Lighting Handbook includes reference values as well as information on lighting control, control gear and emergency lighting, thus facilitating project design.

    » Click here to download the Lighting Handbook..

    The printed version is available from your » nearest Zumtobel contact.

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  • 11/2013

    Discover the new autumn 2013 product highlights

    We proudly present new innovative products and additions to existing products.
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    This autumn we have again numerous highlights to introduce: from the LIGHT FIELDS evolution LED luminaire range, the ARCOS xpert LED spotlight and the ARCOS LED wallwasher through to moisture-proof LED luminaires and the SINUS medical supply unit.

    You will find an overview of all highlights on our website and in the pdf brochure. For each highlight, a picture of the product together with a concise summary of the product details is available. Further details regarding individual products can be obtained from the links provided.

    » Click here to go to the autumn 2013 Highlights on our website.

    » Click here to download the Highlights pdf brochure.

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  • 11/2013

    ONLITE Resclite iOS app updated and optimised for iPad

    Only 3 steps are necessary for the Zumtobel app for iPhone and iPad to design an emergency lighting system.
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    The updated version of the ONLITE Resclite iOS app has been optimised for iPad, but allows for quick and easy emergency lighting design on the iPhone 5 as well. The mounting height is set with just one finger swipe, and the maximum spacings between two luminaires are then displayed immediately.

    The most recent version of the easy-to-use design program for electricians and electrical consultants now also includes the new RESCLITE high ceilings model: a unique emergency luminaire on the market, which can be used in rooms with ceilings of 7 m to 30 m height (30 m RESCLITE antipanic; 23 RESCLITE escape) and is therefore perfect for applications such as DIY markets, warehouses and industrial bays.

    The RESCLITE luminaires have also been fitted with a new, more efficient LED and optimised lenses. The spacings between luminaires, which have consequently been increased, have been updated in the app. Increased spacings means that in order to reach lux levels in conformity with applicable standards, fewer luminaires are needed and costs are therefore reduced.

    The new NPS type of supply, which is a cost-effective, centrally supplied alternative, with optional circuit monitoring but without monitoring of individual luminaires, has been integrated in the app.

    » Click here to download the updated ONLITE Resclite app free of charge

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  • 11/2013

    Configuration of luminaire variants using myPRODUCT

    With immediate effect, Zumtobel makes it possible for you on its website to configure luminaires yourself according to your personal requirements. This means that more than 1,000,000 alternatives are added to the product catalogue.
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    In order to create a custom product variant, simply select the product range required on our website. Then go to the configurator, e.g. “myIYON” for the IYON product range, and from a variety of additional functions choose the options that suit your project requirements best.

    You can then forward the options you have chosen directly to our sales staff, who will be pleased to send you a quotation and answer any questions you may have.

    The following example (in English) based on the IYON LED spotlight demonstrates how easy it is to create your custom luminaire using myPRODUCT.

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  • 10/2013

    Zumtobel research on lighting quality in offices

    With its “The Light.” study, Zumtobel launches one of the most comprehensive user surveys in the history of the organisation.
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    The objective of the global study is to have the lighting quality in offices evaluated by you, the users.
    Your answers will make a valuable contribution. Based on the findings of this study, it will be possible for the very first time to define lighting quality in offices with a focus on users, beyond conformity with relevant standards.

    The survey will not take more than 10 minutes to complete.

    » Click here to go to the survey.

    For each completed questionnaire, Zumtobel will donate € 3 to the » Light for the World charity. We would appreciate if you forward the link to the questionnaire to your friends and acquaintances. Every feedback will count!

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  • 10/2013

    Zumtobel goes social

    Zumtobel is putting the social into social media by involving employees from right across the company in social media activities.
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    This new Social Marketing concept lets employees set the agenda in social media, using a basket of channels to show their professional knowledge and specific experience and to tell the world their Zumtobel story.

    These stories cover the core principles of the Zumtobel brand – knowledge, design, innovation and projects – and support our objective to create the best light for people and the environment.

    Zumtobel are realising their Social Marketing concept through a combination of established social media channels and a high quality international blog and content curation site at »

    This innovative site collects and promotes applied lighting knowledge, bringing together relevant and informative social media content from Zumtobel and trusted third parties.

    Users can read the latest blog entries, post comments, watch videos and find out about Zumtobel activities on the individual social media channels.

    A comprehensive hashtag concept enables lightlive users to quickly and easily find content on specific topics by simply clicking on the relevant hashtag.

    » Twitter: @Zumtobel_Light

    » LinkedIn

    » Vimeo

    » Youtube
    » Google+

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  • 09/2013

    Performing economic efficiency calculations was never easier than with ecoCALC!

    The new version 3.0 of the ecoCALC calculation program allows to copy product information directly from the Zumtobel website using the drag & drop function. Thus it is no longer necessary to enter luminaire data manually when performing economic efficiency calculations.
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    The drag & drop link marked by the ecoCALC Z icon can be found in the online catalogue product information for each article, next to the drag & drop links for export to Dialux and Relux. You can either click the link or drag it to the ecoCALC calculation program in order to import luminaire and component data. More than 16,000 products, luminaires and components are available in the online catalogue in this manner.

    As manual luminaire definition is no longer required for all luminaires and components included in Zumtobel's current online catalogue, analysing lighting solutions becomes more efficient, easier and less prone to errors. Of course, luminaires can still be defined manually.

    In addition to the luminaire's technical data relevant for economic efficiency calculation, such as installed load, lamp type with maintenance characteristics, dimming behaviour or maintenance type, also product images, descriptive text and article numbers are transferred, so that the results of the calculation will become easier to understand and to check.

    ecoCALC's advantage is that it allows analysis not only of individual luminaires, but also of entire lighting solutions, independent of manufacturer and time of construction. Both energy consumption and all costs associated with operating a lighting solution are taken into account.

    Other practical functions of ecoCALC you may not yet know about:
    •    Flexibly adjustable presentation diagrams with improved layout
    •    Solution and product images can be added
    •    Additional product-specific information such as article number or product description can be displayed
    •    Analysis of complex operating scenarios using a variety of lighting scenes or types of use in an extended mode
    •    Additional mode for analysing outdoor lighting
    •    ecoCALC is fully compatible with Windows 8 and all Windows operating systems from Windows XP

    A few more things you should know: ecoCalc...
    •    ....features a wizard mode and extensive contextual help for your convenience.
    •    …supports you in optimising your maintenance cycles and the associated costs.
    •    …analyses whether the required illuminance levels will be maintained over the entire course of the lighting solution's service life and also provides a graphic representation of the results.
    •    ….has so far been downloaded by several thousands of customers.
    •    …contains some 2000 data sets including lamp and control gear characteristics

    Download the latest version of ecoCALC and benefit from the new functions: »

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  • 09/2013
    Lighting Solution

    Al Bahar Towers honoured in Emporis Skyscraper Awards 2012

    This year, the Emporis Skyscraper Award has been bestowed for the 13th time already. This architecture prize for skyscrapers is awarded to the best high-rise buildings world-wide.
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    The Al Bahar Towers in Abu Dhabi, fitted with a state-of-the-art lighting solution by Zumtobel, came second after the Absolute World Towers in Mississauga (Canada).

    » For more information on the lighting solution and the Al Bahar Towers project, please refer to our website.

    » Read more about the Emporis Skyscraper Award 2012

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  • 09/2013

    Zumtobel continues successful collaboration with universities

    This year, too, Zumtobel expert lecturers providing first-hand know-how, practice-oriented term papers and exciting excursions are on the curriculum of universities in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.
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    academic year that has just started. Zumtobel experts will hold lectures in Germany at Darmstadt University of Technology and at the Universities of Applied Sciences in Koblenz and Holzminden, in Austria at the Universities of Technology in Graz and Vienna, and in Liechtenstein at the University of Liechtenstein.

    In these lectures, students will gain first-hand technical know-how on lighting technology and lighting design. They will also be able to directly apply and present this know-how in the practical context of project work. In addition, students will gain valuable insights into the world of light and lighting by taking part in excursions to Zumtobel plants, Light Forums and selected projects: from product development to lighting laboratories and luminaire manufacture through to finished lighting solutions.

    Should you or your university also be interested in collaborating with Zumtobel or organising excursions to Zumtobel plants, do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

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  • 09/2013

    Zumtobel website now available in three additional languages

    With immediate effect, the Zumtobel website is also available in Danish, Norwegian and Slovakian.
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    Now you can find company information, news and reference projects on a total of 21 country portals in 17 languages.

    Go to Zumtobel website in
    •    Danish
    •    Norwegian
    •    Slovakian

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  • 08/2013

    Call made for ZUMTOBEL GROUP AWARD 2014

    From 1 September until 30 November 2013, projects can be submitted for the architectural award including prize money of a total of EUR 140,000.
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    This is the fourth year that the Zumtobel Group calls for submissions for its 2014 architectural award to enhance quality of life and sustainability in the built environment – the ZUMTOBEL GROUP AWARD – INNOVATIONS FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND HUMANITY IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT.

    From 1 September until 30 November 2013, architecture firms and engineering studios, urban planners and landscape architects, universities and recently established technology companies, NGOs as well as public and private initiatives can submit their current projects.

    Three categories
    The ZUMTOBEL GROUP AWARD is awarded in the following three categories, each presented by one of the international lighting group's three brands:

    • Buildings
    • Urban developments & initiatives
    • Applied innovations

    “Buildings” category by Zumtobel
    In the “Buildings” category presented by the Zumtobel brand, outstanding building projects that have been completed within the last two years (from 30 November 2011 to 30 November 2013) can be submitted. This category includes both new buildings and refurbishing projects. The award-winning project should meet the highest aesthetic demands and also involve innovative solutions for optimised use of resources, environmental protection and the improvement of living conditions. The jury will place a special focus on the application of cutting-edge technologies.

    Curators and awarding of prizes
    As in the previous years, the Zumtobel Group Award 2014 will be curated by Kristin Feireiss and Hans-Jürgen Commerell of Aedes Architekturforum in Berlin. From all the projects submitted, a preliminary jury will select 14 projects per category. The main jury consisting of internationally renowned experts from various disciplines will nominate five projects per category early in summer 2014 and will choose from them one award-winner in each category. The prize award ceremony will take place in autumn 2014.

    For further information on the ZUMTOBEL GROUP AWARD, please refer to

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  • 08/2013
    Lighting Solution

    Campus of Vienna University of Economics and Business to be opened in October

    Zumtobel provides lighting solutions for Austria's biggest and most advanced university complex
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    After nearly four years of construction work, the new campus of Vienna's University of Economics and Business will open its doors on 4 October. Some 23,000 students and 1,500 staff members will be researching, studying and teaching on the premises.

    In an area of about 100,000 square metres, six internationally renowned architects have created a unique ensemble of buildings. The heart of the campus is the “Library and Learning Center” designed by Zaha Hadid, which includes a large auditorium and the main library, among other things. Grouped around it are five other university buildings designed by Hitoshi Abe (Sendai/Japan), Carme Pinós (Barcelona), Eduardo Arroyo (Madrid), Peter Cook (London) and Laura Spinadel (Vienna).

    The whole campus was built in line with a so-called “green building” concept. For the various university buildings, Zumtobel developed custom lighting solutions using numerous pendant luminaires, continuous-row lighting systems, light lines and moisture-proof luminaires, and in total provided some 12,000 luminaires, in addition to a continuous row system of seven kilometres length. Zumtobel was also in charge of installation and commissioning of the luminaires, in collaboration with four electrical contractors.

    For more information on the large-scale Campus Vienna project, please visit »

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 08/2013

    ISO TC 274 Light & Lighting founded

    On 2 July 2013, the ISO Technical Committee (TC) 274 Light & Lighting was founded in Berlin.
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    18 active and 16 observer countries will in future be responsible for standardisation in the field of applied lighting technology at global level. The aim is to specify global standards for internationally operating companies and organisations using consistent terminology, methods of calculation and procedures in order to facilitate international consulting and understanding.

    The committee is chaired by Martina Paul, CIE Secretary General. Peter Dehoff, Director International Associations and Standards at Zumtobel, is the Austrian representative on the ISO TC 274 Light & Lighting.

    » For more information, please refer to the ISO website

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  • 07/2013

    Sustainability report published by Zumtobel Group

    For the fourth time, the Zumtobel Group has published its annual sustainability report. The sustainability report includes a Magazine section and a Facts section, documenting the advances made in the 2012/13 financial year.
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    The sustainability vision “Through light, we care.” is the basis of all business processes of Zumtobel and the other two brands within the Zumtobel Group – Tridonic and Thorn.

    One example from the current sustainability report: in the 2012/13 financial year, the Zumtobel plant in Dornbirn carried out analyses of its material flow cycles. By increasing the efficiency of resources and materials used and creating sustainable cycles, potential energy savings of EUR 1 million have been opened up at this plant alone.

    In addition to this example, the current report also contains detailed information on the challenges faced as well as the sustainability strategy and the targets achieved in the year under report. Among other things, the report addresses in detail the spheres of quality management, research and development, production and supply chain as well as social commitment.

    75% of all industrial and office lighting in Europe is obsolescent or inefficient
    The report also presents examplary projects and products as well as interesting facts: for instance, 75% of all industrial and office lighting in Europe is obsolescent or inefficient even today.

    The report was published in German and English and takes its lead from the recognised Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G3.1). This allows for transparency and makes it possible to compare companies' sustainability achievements.

    Click here to download the Magazine section of the sustainability report.
    » In English
    » In German

    Click here to download the Facts section:
    » In English
    » In German

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  • 06/2013
    Lighting Solution

    “Harpa” wins Mies van der Rohe award

    Harpa, the new concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavik, is the winner of this year's Mies van der Rohe award, Europe's most renowned architecture prize. The project includes a very special lighting concept implemented by Zumtobel.
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    On 7 June 2013, the winner of the Mies van der Rohe award was presented in Barcelona. The EUR 60,000 award dedicated to contemporary architecture is granted every two years by the EU Commission and the Mies van der Rohe Foundation. This year, the award was given to the Harpa concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavik, which is illuminated by a Zumtobel lighting solution.

    Revitalised harbour
    Since August 2011, congresses, conferences, concerts have been held at “Harpa”, which is also the residence of the Icelandic Opera and the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. This makes the building, which incorporates a 1800-seat concert hall and three smaller halls, a cultural highlight also on an international level. One of the reasons the jurors gave for honouring this project was that the building helped revitalise the harbour by providing a better connection to the city.

    The seamless interplay of local and global influences is also reflected by the designers involved: basically, Henning Larsen Architects and Batteríið Architects from Denmark and Iceland, respectively, and acoustics designers from the New-York-based firm Artec Consultants.

    Lighting art and artificial lighting
    Of particular importance for the project was, however, Danish-Icelandic artist Ólafur Elíasson, who created the design for the building's unique glass shell and its illumination, which was implemented in collaboration with Zumtobel, his long-standing expert partner when it comes to lighting solutions. His lighting concept was based on the desire to set the stage for light as a transcendent event where the source of light remains invisible.

    In collaboration with Ólafur Eliasson, Zumtobel developed a new type of luminaire which, thanks to its design and colour, can be integrated nearly invisibly into the façade's prismatic structure, illuminating it with LEDs.

    Five finalists
    “Harpa” came out victorious against the four other finalists: Metropol Parasol in Sevilla, the Ghent Town Hall, Superkilen in Copenhagen and a senior citizens' home in Portugal. The “Emerging Architect Special Mention” prize was awarded to María Langarita and Víctor Navarro for the Nave de Música Matadero (Red Bull Music Academy) in Madrid.

    » Click here to see more details and pictures of this project

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  • 03/2013

    Great demand for Zumtobel in Denmark

    There is a clear interest and demand for Zumtobel in Denmark. This was obvious when Zumtobel Denmark held lighting seminars in Aarhus and Copenhagen at the end of February. These two events were visited by more than 100 clients.There is a clear interest and demand for Zumtobel in Denmark. This was obvious when Zumtobel Denmark held lighting seminars in Aarhus and Copenhagen at the end of February. These two events were visited by more than 100 clients.
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    The Zumtobel lighting seminars turned out to be quite popular and long awaited when held in Copenhagen and Aarhus on the 27-28th of February. All parts of the lighting industry was represented from architects and lighting designers to electrical consultants and contractors.

    The Aarhus seminar was held in ARoS Aarhus Art Musuem where the guests were given a tour in Zumtobel’s very own reference project Your Panorama Rainbow which was the result when the brilliant designer Olafur Eliasson and Zumtobel worked together. Here you can find the LUXMATE Professional lighting management system with the daylight sensor in the center of the rainbow.

    In Copenhagen there was an even greater interest at the Bella Sky Comwell Hotel where the evening began with a welcome drink in the Sky Bar on the 23rd floor, overlooking Copenhagen. The Bella Sky is also a Zumtobel reference project and when the guests walked from the elevators to the conference rooms, they could see the LED downlight 2LIGHT.

    ”The interest was greater than expected and it was a joy to see so many participants in our lighting seminars. All parts of the industry were represented and we hope to be back here soon again”, says a pleased Ronnie Eriksson, head of marketing at Zumtobel Nordic, who has solid experience of the industry and the Danish market.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 03/2013

    Zumtobel wins two “red dot design awards”

    Prize-winning LED luminaires: SFERA and DISCUS Evolution
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    Two Zumtobel products have won the “red dot award: product design 2013”: the SFERA free-standing LED luminaire and the DISCUS Evolution LED spotlight system could not fail to impress the jury thanks to their outstanding product design. These innovative products are exemplary for successful design based on users' requirements.

    With the SFERA free-standing LED luminaire, Zumtobel sets new standards – especially with respect to adjustability and individual lighting quality. But SFERA's energy efficiency is impressive as well, thanks to a combination of the adaptive SENSCONTROL III lighting management system and the innovative SWARMCONTROL technology used for the first time in SFERA, which allows the configuration of the luminaires into a swarm without any additional software, providing for quick adjustment to altered room layouts.

    Click here for more information:  »

    DISCUS Evolution
    The DISCUS Evolution LED spotlight system results from further development of an existing luminaire and cannot fail to impress on account of its perfectly matched light source and optic. The spotlight's flat design is now even more contemporary and minimalist. The delicate yet robust design of the spotlight created by the internationally renowned Vienna-based EOOS design studio was created for accent lighting and the sales-boosting presentation of goods.

    Click here for more information: »

    This year, 1,865 manufacturers, designers and architects submitted a total of 4,662 products. The awards will be handed over and celebrated at the red dot gala at the Aalto Theater in Essen on 1 July 2013, in the presence of international guests, among them designers, business experts, politicians and media representatives. The prize-winning products will then be on display at the red dot design museum for four weeks.

    Zumtobel. The Light. 

  • 03/2013

    New SLOTLIGHT II system configurator

    Designing continuous row systems easily
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    In just a few steps, the SLOTLIGHT II configurator enables you to design a project using SLOTLIGHT II recessed, surface mounted and pendant luminaires, both as T16 and LED versions. In no time, the configurator shows you the best combinations for the required lengths of the continuous-row system as well as all components you need.

    The software is available free of charge in German and English. The most recent version is available for downloading from our website's » Service/Software section.
    » Download the software here (.zip/31,8 MB) 

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 02/2013

    Energy consumption over service life – a comparison

    Zumtobel uses product-specific environmental product declarations (EPD) to document the environmental impact of its products. This makes it easy to compare products, provides transparency with respect to the substances used and allows continuous product improvement.
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    EPDs are product-specific environmental datasheets verified by independent testing institutes that document a product's environmental impact over its entire service life, resulting in enhanced product comparability.

    Comparison between MELLOW LIGHT V LED (52 W) and MELLOW LIGHT V TC-L (55 W)
    The example shown in the diagram illustrates the progress in product development. Although slightly more energy is required for manufacturing the LED model, it becomes apparent that the overall environmental impact of the LED luminaire – due to its reduced power consumption – is lower than that of the comparable luminaire featuring conventional lamp technology, if the utilisation period is taken into account.

    Basis of calculation
    Primary energy consumption* is calculated from the energy required for raw materials and their processing, transport by truck to the customer over a distance of 1500 km and a utilisation period of 15 years in a typical office application, based on the European energy mix.

    Click here to view the EPDs of the two products:

    * Primary energy consumption
    The term primary energy is used in the power industry to denote the energy that is available using natural forms of energy or energy sources such as coal, gas or wind. In Europe, roughly 3.3 kWh of primary energy are needed to generate 1 kWh of electricity.

    Zumtobel. The Light. 

  • 02/2013

    DISCUS Evolution LED spotlight system wins iF gold award

    On 22 February 2013 in Munich, as many as four products by Zumtobel received 2013 iF product design awards.
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    At the second iF design awards night held at Munich's BMW World, four Zumtobel products received an iF product design award.
    The DISCUS Evolution LED spotlight system, the ELEVO LED spotlight, the PAN recessed LED luminaire and the ONLITE PURESIGN 150 escape sign luminaire could not fail to impress the jury thanks to their outstanding product design and efficient lighting technology.

    iF gold award for LED spotlight system
    The DISCUS Evolution LED spotlight system won the coveted iF gold award. Entries included a total of 3011 products submitted by 1920 competitors. 981 of these products have won an award. 75 of all award winners were also given an iF gold award during the awarding ceremony.

    DISCUS Evolution
    The DISCUS Evolution LED spotlight system results from further development of an existing luminaire and cannot fail to impress on account of its perfectly matched light source and optic. The spotlight's flat design is now even more contemporary and minimalist. The delicate yet robust design of the spotlight created by the internationally renowned Vienna-based EOOS design studio was created for accent lighting and the sales-boosting presentation of goods.

    The spotlight's innovative thermal management using a passive cooling system with radial fins is an integral part of the design concept. DISCUS Evolution is available with a black or white housing and suitable both for installation on tracks and for recessed installation.

    » Read more on DISCUS Evolution

    » Click here for more information on Zumtobel's prize-winning products

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 02/2013

    New Zumtobel video “Your Light in a World of Change”

    A short video on Zumtobel's vision and application know-how
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    In times of technological, economic and social changes, our living and working spaces are permanently changing. Zumtobel has therefore identified the need for a new quality of light and produced a new video focussing on the company's vision to provide perfect light for people and the environment.

    It impressively demonstrates Zumtobel's application know-how based on the leading actor's daily routine.

    » Watch the video and see for yourself!

    Zumtobel. The Light.
  • 01/2013

    New DIMLITE design app for iPad

    DIMLITE is the ideal first step into the world of intelligent lighting management. The corresponding Zumtobel DIMLITE app is a free and easy-to-use design tool for electricians and electrical consultants.
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    DIMLITE, a simple lighting control system for individual rooms, was developed to facilitate the first step into lighting management, providing core functions such as dimming, lighting scenes, presence-based and daylight-based lighting management.

    The free Zumtobel DIMLITE iPad app quickly provides answers to questions such as:
    •    How do I meet the room user's lighting demands?
    •    Which control unit is appropriate for my purpose?
    •    How do I connect the individual components?

    As a result, the DIMLITE app produces a pdf file that includes the schematic circuit diagram and a parts list. Only a few steps are necessary to obtain this file:

    1.    Select the number of luminaire groups, luminaires per group and control signal (DALI or DSI).

    2.    Specify whether the component is to be installed in a switch cabinet or recessed into the ceiling (depends on the number of luminaire groups).

    3.    Is daylight-based lighting management required?

    4.    Design of schematic circuit diagram based on possible functions.

    The app also includes practical guidelines providing information on the functions and commissioning of DIMLITE, together with examples of how and why to use DIMLITE. The app is available in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish.

    » Click here to download the app

    Zumtobel. The Light.


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